Bed Tested, Breakfast Approved - We've Slept Here - So Should You!

Join us on our adventures! 

What is Sleep Here Now?


Genesis of SHN


In 2007 the newly married Jesse & Katie Schmitt began what would become Sleep Here Now. They alighted from New York City and set out to tackle the left coast. 

Erstwhile longing set in and the two began exploring the larger country before them. With a background in hospitality and management (as well as performance and freelance writing) the two began to wonder about bed and breakfasts.

  • How do they stay in business during the slower months?
  • Why are some so heavily involved and others so seemingly aloof?
  • How do B&B's reach out to the broader community outside their own? 


Don't forget, all of these formulations are taking place in a time before tools of today such as VRBO or AirBnB

So they set out to do what any newly married couple who just had an amazing honeymoon at a bed and breakfast on Nantucket would do; they began reviewing bed and breakfasts! They have partnered with more than 100 bed and breakfasts in every state in the contiguous United States as well as a few over the border in Canada.

They are now living in the south east and ready to hit the road again! Keep your eyes peeled here for the latest info on their travails!